Day 17: Nature Observation Station

Wednesdays are violin and ballet days. So we have the morning (before violin), a little time in the afternoon (between violin and ballet), and after ballet just enough time to eat dinner and read a story before bed.

I’ve no idea, but Girl drew it this morning, and I think it’s wonderful.

On this Wednesday, Boy and Girl spent the earlier part of the morning doing their own thing: Boy reading, Girl drawing. But it was a beautiful October morning, mild and a little overcast, so (inspired by another homeschooling friend) I got out my stack of nature guides and told Boy that they were his to use. I just asked that we keep my Sibley Guide to Trees inside; beyond that I told him he was free to take them outside to explore and observe, along with their binoculars and magnifying glasses and nature notebooks. So both kids packed up backpacks full of things for a ‘nature observation station’ and headed out back.

Nature observation station

I have to say, I was surprised by how organized the station was, although Girl’s nature observation ‘necessities’ included small friends and a flying frog. There were a lot of bugs in the grass, and sometimes on the blanket, so they didn’t need to go far. They looked and made drawings for an hour and a half.

img011 img012

Boy had a great violin lesson, followed by more outside play time, a bath, and then off to ballet with Papa.

While they were gone Girl got to cross the street by herself for the first time, to give one of our neighbors a stick of butter. So she had to climb the steps, ring the doorbell, and speak to the man of the house when he answered the door. She self-reported having been very polite. After that we made dinner (peanut noodles), walked down to the park to see some friends whose kids were playing soccer, and then walked home in the dark. By that time Boy and Papa were home, and done eating themselves.

Girl's drawing of Boy and Girl in the year 3003, when they are both very big.
Girl’s drawing of Boy and Girl in the year 3003, when they are both very big.

Before bed Papa took them outside to look at the beautiful moon. I love when it gets dark earlier.

(Oh, and Boy hasn’t had a meltdown in two days.)

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